Medium Nerikomi Plate

Medium Nerikomi Plate


8” Safariware plate. Ready to send.

Patterned and pressed using contrasting coloured clay. Each one has a unique set of striations running right through the plate. Perfectly sized for a Danish smoked salmon smørrebrød with horseradish sour cream, 8 artfully arranged pan fried gyoza, or a lemon elderflower cruffin.

Small plates measure approx 8”

Clear glazed on top, unglazed underneath

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Item may vary in size, shape and pattern from the one pictured. 

All pots are food safe.

Dishwasher safe, however careful handwashing is recommended for longevity.

Ceramic surface underneath pieces may stain with strong coloured oils/food.

If postage is overestimated you can claim a refund of the difference